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Private Servers and Clash of Clans – A Good Combination?

This article will show how beneficial it is to use a Coc Private Server.

For most of us, gone are the days when you could take time out for yourself. Now, with looming deadlines and a pile of chores that are waiting to be done, it is rare to find time for leisure. For this reason, going on trips and being a part of outdoor activities have become a foreign concept for many.

With such a hectic life, the only form of leisure that might work with our busy schedules is playing games on our gadgets. After all, there is a slim chance that you are ever without a tablet or smartphone. Hence, naturally, accessibility is rarely an issue.

Playing games allows us to escape reality, at least for the time being. For the few minutes or hours that you play the game in question, nothing else matters but to ensure the victory of your virtual character. You can feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. One game that has such an effect is Clash of Clans. The difficulty level and subsequently the fun you have depends on whether you use a CoC private server or not.

A Look into Clash of Clans

Clan wars, construction and development of troops – this game has it all. Supercell has received praises for this game from the get-go. From the moment it was released, gamers everywhere have interacted with it and have loved every bit of it. Once you play it, it is not hard to decipher why this is so.

Why Is Clash of Clans Addictive?

Regardless of who you ask about the game, the chances are that you will garner the same response about how people are obsessed with it. This makes us wonder, in a sea full of applications to choose from, what makes Clash of Clans so addictive?

Race Against Time

The most popular feature of the game is the fact that it allows you to conduct raids on other troops. While many other games will allow you to fight it out with your enemies, Clash of Clans takes it further up a notch by putting a three-minute timer on the raid.

Players are only given 30 seconds to view their enemy’s base and come up with an action plan. Once they have done so and have dropped their first bomb, they only have three minutes to either beat their opponent or fail.

This race against time increases the stakes of the game. Suddenly, you are fighting not just against an unknown opponent but also against time and thereby, you need to improve your speed of making decisions. This adrenaline-pumping quest makes this game what it is.

An Open Ending

The game does not feature a set-in-stone storyline or gameplay that you have to follow till the last level and then bid goodbye to the game. Clash of Clans is a virtual world which will never cease to exist unless you want it to.

The fact that you can choose who to battle against and how to build your troops and villages gives a lot of autonomy to players. This control of the destiny of the game is appreciated by the masses. This is because it means you can play the game for as long as you like without it ever ending, which gives it a life-like feeling.

The fact that Supercell keeps evolving the game to include more troops, build bases and battle modes means that the game never feels repetitive or stagnant. There is always something new to excite you, and this keeps people interested in the long run.

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What Are the Major Features of Clash of Clans?

It is impossible to truly explain the need of a CoC private server without understanding the various features of the game.

Clash of Clans allows you to build your team of unique characters like barbarians and wizards and lead them to the battlefield. In such places, rather than fighting it out with a computer, you are provided with the opportunity to wage war against real people and tell them who the leader is.

Not only can you fight with gamers, but you can also invite your friends to either join your clan or let you join theirs. This feature of playing with your buddies by your side is unheard of in most games.

Before you can fight against fellow players and see your name climb the ranking board, you first need to invest time and green gems into building both your village and troops. This will take a significant amount of time since users are provided with only a handful of green gems and rare opportunities of getting more of the jewels throughout the game.

The Freemium Model

Clash of Clans exhibits a freemium model. In other words, when you install the game through either the Play Store or the App Store, you will be able to do so without paying a price. Therefore, in theory, it is a free game.

However, it also features voluntary in-app purchases. Whether or not these purchases are truly voluntary is a whole other discussion. These purchases come into the picture when you are running short on green gems and other resources. You can either wait and collect these resources at the pace of a turtle or spend a few bucks and acquire them in a few seconds. Similarly, the game also requires money if you wish to speed up the development of your village and troops.

This freemium model is not something that is appreciated by the players since it means that for avid gamers, Clash of Clans is a burden on the wallet. This is where a CoC private server comes into the equation.

How to Make Most Out of the Game Without Spending Money

For those of you who don’t wish to install third-party private servers on your device and neither want to spend your hard-earned money on the game, here is how you can make the most out of Clash of Clans.

Be Patient

Now that you have accepted you don’t have any other option than to play the game at its natural pace, you also need to develop the patience to play Clash of Clans at its original speed. Be patient with it. Accept that your troops will not be ready for battle anytime soon and understand that you can’t build all the bases you want. Embrace it all.

Be Wise

Since you won’t spend any money on getting green gems, this means you will face a significant shortage of the resource. Players are provided with a limited number of gems at the start of the game. You can also collect the jewels throughout your journey.

As you don’t have an abundance of resources, you need to spend your gems wisely. Before using them, ask yourself, do you really need the given builder base? Can you not survive without enhancing the speed of the development of your troops? If the answer is not in the affirmative, be patient.


There is a bright side to this struggle. You will end up learning some of the greatest lessons of life. Whether it be budget management or being patient in times of hardships, Clash of Clans will groom you for the better.

While this seems perfect on paper, it is easier said than done. If you feel that you don’t want your leisure time to be a source of learning, you are back to square one. You need to either pay the price of in-app purchases or download a private server.

What Is a CoC Private Server?

When you install the game from the App Store or Play Store, the game that you play is operated on Supercell’s official server. This platform is created by professional engineers and is generally free from lags.

However, you can also play the game on one of the many private servers that are available on various sites. While these servers may not be as professional as the original platform, they offer their users the chance to benefit from various advantages.

Why Download a CoC Private Server?

Here are a few reasons due to which you might consider downloading a CoC private server.

Free Unlimited Resources

One of the key characteristics of the platform that attract players toward it is the unlimited resources that almost all private servers of Clash of Clans provide.

This means that you will be given a never-ending supply of green gems. Hence, the speed of the development of your village or troop or the extent to which you can build the two will never be an issue again.


Most private servers offer an unlimited supply of elixir. Therefore, it allows you to become virtually immortal. Regardless of how strong your enemy is, they can only defeat you to a certain extent.

This feature of a never-ending elixir takes the pressure off the player to perform to their best abilities. This may prove to be perfect for those who merely use Clash of Clans to escape reality and feel good about themselves.

Strong Community

We have discussed above how Clash of Clans has been popular among players ever since it was launched. Even currently, it takes pride in the fact that the game has been downloaded millions of time and is being played by a huge number of people.

Such an extensive following also has a flip side. There is a lot of noise on the original platform and players might feel that they are not getting heard, especially those who are introverts and wish to build a small but tightly knit community.

Private servers do not have as many players as the original server and, therefore, is ideal for those who wish for a less crowded platform for their adventures.

Similar Features Plus Add-Ons

At the end of the day, you want to play Clash of Clans and not some botched-up version of it. You wish to fight it out with fellow gamers and build your team from the array of unique characters offered by Supercell. If a server fails to provide you with such an experience, there is no point in downloading it.

You will be happy to know that a CoC private server, if you choose one wisely, allows its users to benefit from all the classic features of the game along with the additional benefits of free gems. Some even add unique characters of their own to further entice the players.

CoC Private Server Issues

Everything comes with baggage and flaws, and private servers are no exception to that. Here are some of the issues you will face along the way.


The charm of Clash of Clans is in the challenge. While some might consider waiting tediously to build villages or troops to be frustrating, others may consider it to be a part of the fun. When you are provided with everything on a silver platter and when the stakes are removed, what is there to keep you interested in the game? The game is bound to become too easy and, hence, too boring for some people.


Since the server is not created by hotshot developers, the chances of there being inherent bugs and flaws in the system are significantly high. If you use such private servers, you should be mentally prepared for instances of sudden freezes and lags.

The private server will not take into account how close you were to finishing off your opponent when it decides to lag. You need to know that you are signing up for these occasional technical problems when you install the private server.

CoC Private Server APK Download

Most private servers are available as APK files which need to be downloaded. Different sites will provide you with their own version of the APK file. The installation process will be similar and involve enabling the “install apps from unknown source” option in the security settings.

This also poses a major risk. You need to ensure that the APK file you download is credible and does not contain malware. There are many hackers out there who release private servers to access your data. Since you turn the security feature of your device off for downloading such private servers, this makes your device vulnerable to hacks.

This does not mean that all private servers are risky. You just need to ensure that the one you pick is verified and credible. Read up on its reviews for its user experience. Ask around about the platform before you avail its services.

FHX Private Server – A Viable Option

One private server that has managed to deliver the features it promised is FHX. Compared to other servers in the market, FHX does not feature a lot of lags. While we can’t guarantee that the application is completely free from such issues, many users have praised FHX for its lack of lags.

Moreover, the server is easy to install and comes with automatic upgrades. Such an ordeal is faced by users of many other private servers which do not come with such option. However, FHX is equipped with this characteristic and hence, is a source of convenience for the masses. You can rest assured knowing that you will be provided with the latest version of the private server and will not be missing out on any of the cool updates of the original server.


Another CoC private server that has been receiving raving reviews is Plenix. It is a modded server made for Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The server is accompanied by both APK and IPA and is able to cater to both iOS and Android users.


Some of the features that the server claims to have are as follows:

24/7 Service

Whether it be in the middle of the day or at the crack of dawn, this server will be available. This means that you don’t need to work around the operational times of the server, as is the case with most private platforms.

Plenix takes pride over the fact that it is able to provide a consistent and stable performance 24/7. You might experience occasional instances when the server is offline due to maintenance purposes, but such occurrences are rare.

No Connection Errors

Since the server provides customized service to its users and only works with the Clash franchise, it has been able to perfect its various issues. For this reason, the power and strength of the platform have never been a problem among users.

Instead, many claim that this CoC private server does not feature any lags or connection problems. No one can say if such claims hold true throughout the globe, so only you can be the judge here.


No one wishes to spend their precious time trying to figure how to work an app, let alone a private server. In the world we live in, we are already pressed on time and most of us would rather spend it relaxing than racking our brains trying to comprehend how to operate a given server.

This private app understands this desire of convenience. Therefore, the creators have played their part in guaranteeing that this wish is fulfilled.

The interface of the app along with the ease of the installation process ensures that customers of the private server will be provided with an enhanced experience. With user-friendliness of the server ensured, there isn’t much that is stopping gamers from using this platform.


For those of you who are tired of using private servers that feature lags or are offline most times of the day, you will find Plenix a worthy CoC private server.

Clash of Clans Private Server Switcher

As humans, we often fail to commit to anything wholeheartedly. We often find ourselves wondering if we made the right decision and then the torturous game of what-if begins.

What if I was better off with the original server? What if I made the wrong decision? Am I missing something out?

We are always wondering about the next best alternative, and such is true in the case of using a private server as well. For this reason, even if you opt to play Clash of Clans on a private server, it is a good idea to install a private server switcher.

There are various sites that offer you the chance to download these switchers which are usable for both Android and iOS devices. Once you have installed this application, you can switch between using the private and official server as per your desire. Hence, you will never be plagued with worries regarding your server choices again.

Since there is already a lot in your life that might cause you to lose your night’s sleep, private server switchers ensure that Clash of Clans is not one of them.


All in all, whether or not you wish to use a CoC private server is your choice. Make sure you analyze both the advantages and shortcomings of such a decision before you make up your mind.

For those of you who are avid gamers and are playing Clash of Clans to experience the rush of adrenaline, we advise you to stay away from such servers. This is because it will ruin the experience for you as you will feel unchallenged.

However, if you are merely playing the game to feel better about yourself or to unwind after a long, grueling day, maybe using a private server is not a bad option after all.

Do what is best for you. Download a Clash of Clans private server if you feel like it and battle it out with your opponents. Release the pent-up energy. You deserve to take time off, and what better way to do so than to enter a virtual world?

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