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All You Need to Know About Private Server Clash of Clans

Many CoC players are using Private Server Clash of Clans as they offer a lot of benefits as compared to the original server. Private servers allow the users to use unlimited gems, gold, and elixir which, otherwise, are collected through great efforts. To gather the gems and gold fairly, you can either work hard and wait long or use your real money to buy them. However, private servers can easily allow you to gain access to this treasure without spending anything.

If you’re a CoC fan, you must know the pain of trying hard to make your clan successful. The good news is that you can use the CoC private server to lead your clan to victory.

What Is a Private Server Clash of Clans?

A private server is operated privately by a service provider or any individual who knows how to create one. To make it simple, when you download the game Clash of Clans to your mobile, you’re playing on the official server of the game that is created by the game developer. The official server of the game allows you to play the game in a more challenging way and put a lot of effort to build your clan and attack your enemies.

When you install the CoC private server, you get access to unlimited gems, gold, and elixir. The private servers offer many opportunities to users to perform various activities that can make them successful.

The private server can improve your CoC gameplay by far and help you win against your opponents easily. The MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games are designed to offer a number of features and opportunities to the players, and CoC is one of them. This addictive game involves building your clan and improving your defense systems so that you can defend and attack your opponents and make your clan successful. If you have unlimited resources, you can buy anything to make your clan more powerful. This is where the CoC private servers come in and help gamers progress in the game easily.

Why Use the Private Server?

In MMO games, you get access to limited resources and you have to go through a painful process of waiting every day to collect them. The main resources available in CoC are gems, gold, elixir, and dark elixir. The following factors make the collection of these sources more difficult when you play the game on the original server:

  • The elixir and gold are collected through mines, and the storage facilities provided in the game are not large enough to accommodate them at once. As a player, you need to update the storage facility frequently, which is very frustrating.
  • Gems can be collected daily after a long wait or through the in-app purchases. The in-app purchases can be very expensive for everyone, and not all the players can’t afford to buy them. If you’re a CoC player, you must know the pain of waiting to collect the gems. However, gems are very important and without them, you can’t build your clan successfully. Gems allow you to purchase resources and improve your defense system and thus, it is necessary to have them in a big amount.

Information about the Private Server Clash of Clans


These are the limitations you face when you play the game on the original server, and a private server allows you to overcome all these limitations. Following are the benefits of using a private server Clash of Clans:

  • A private server will help you avail all the opportunities in the game, and you won’t need to wait to collect the essential resources. You can use the features of this game to make your clan successful.
  • Never a need to wait for the levels to unlock and for the resources to get collected on a regular basis. You can use unlimited resources as your profile will be loaded with gems, gold, and elixir all the time so that you don’t have to worry about your resources being finished.   The custom mods of the game are accessed easily.
  • To buy the resources in the original game server, you have to invest real money and for that, you need a huge pocket. Majority of the players can’t afford to make in-app purchases and thus, they have to put a lot of effort in collecting the resources. With the private servers, you won’t have any tension of buying the resources and spending your real money.

Installation of Your Private Server

  • The installation of a CoC private server is very easy as you just have to download the private server file on your mobile. The gameplay is not any different from the original game and you won’t find any difficulty playing it.
  • You can join various clans easily and play without any restriction. The private servers also allow you to have friendly battles.
  • Using the private server, you can easily attain a TH11 war base. You can quickly create this war base which is otherwise very difficult.
  • Training your troops is a challenging and lengthy process and if you play the game on the original server. It will also take a long time. However, using the private servers will make troop training easier and faster for you. This will help you win battles in just a few seconds.

Similar to a Supercell server, using a private server will let you gain access to everything. The private servers are packed with features and you can easily download and install them without spending even a dime.

How to Use the Private Server Clash of Clans

Using a private server Clash of Clans is very simple. First, you have to look for the requirements of the server as some servers require you to jailbreak your device. Also, remember to install the private server that is free of glitches and bugs. Doing that will not cause lag or cause the game to restart. For Android users, the download and installation process is very easy and all you have to do is:

  • Download the private server file and install it on your device.
  • Tap and add as many resources such as gems, elixir, and gold you want.

The installation of the private server is a bit harder for iOS users. This is because iOS has strict rules regarding third-party downloads. Mostly, a DNS address is used to link to the mod APK and it is recommended that users use a USA IP address and VPN because it is large enough to hold many players so that there are no lagging and restart issues. Before connecting to the private server, make sure that you clear the previous caches of CoC or else it won’t connect. Now, follow these steps for the private server to download to your device:

  • Go to settings.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi option and tap the ‘i’ icon beside SSID.
  • Now use any of these in your primary DNS:
    • Europe: 155.28.24
    • USA: 154.51.73
    • Asia: 155.220.99
  • Start the game and wait for a few seconds; you’ll be on the private server.


A private server Clash of Clans is a must-try option for all CoC fans out there. No go enjoy the game at its fullest potential! You’ll be able to lead your clan to be the most successful one in the game!

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